About Us


Paul Restall Company, Inc. was founded by Paul Restall in 1952. Paul Restall was a 

mechanical engineer graduate of Swarthmore College, Class of 1943. After being discharged 

from the Navy, Mr. Restall held various construction and design positions prior to developing

his own business. While running Restall Company, Mr. Restall was also the President of three

Holiday Inns, was on the Board of Directors of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, 

and was Chairman of the Sewer Authority of Middletown Township. Despite the 

transference of President over the years, Mr. Restall set high standards for our company

and we always strive to meet these standards.


Most customers don't think they can get all three things they really want: quality, service 

and price. However because of the high standards for our company, this is a reality! Just 

talk to our clients. They'll tell you that we deliver the formula they want: superior 

workmanship and a collaborative relationship. It's a formula that produces lasting value 

and long-term relationships based on consistently meeting or exceeding your expectations.


It's also the cornerstone of a philosophy that says: the best business relationships are based on mutual trust and reward. Our project managements’ approach consistently satisfies our customers, producing long-term client relationships. We have acquired clients looking for the same kind of continuity, including The Boeing Company - a client since 1968 - and GlaxoSmithKline, a client since 1957.